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Crystals & Clarity Blog

Crystals for you home, including amethyst, citrine, rose quartz and green aventurine as raw, polished and cluster crytal pieces.

Crystal TLC: Tips on Caring for Your Crystals!

Learn how to care for your crystals to keep them cleared and recharged to maximize their energy.
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Ashley, Crystals & Clarity Co-Founder, wearing a Brazilian agate pendant

Ashley's Journey to Crystals & Clarity™️!

Learn more about Co-Founder, Ashley, her deconstruction and healing that led to using crystals and her journey to Crystals & Clarity.
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Kate, with her custom handmade crystal bracelets

Kate’s Journey to Crystals & Clarity™️

Learn from Co-Founder, Kate, about her journey into crystals and how she uses her gifts of sensitivity and creativity with crystals in Crystals & Clarity™️!
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Welcome to Crystals & Clarity™️ Online

Welcome to Crystals & Clarity™️ Online

Explore the WHY behind Crystals & Clarity™️, our journey from pop-up to online, and our intentions with this new website and our crystals!
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