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Home Decor Crystals

Home Decor Crystals Collection: Where Beauty Meets Intentionality.

Every crystal enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and brings energetic and spiritual benefits. These gorgeous pieces balance, inspire creativity, offer harmony, and provide protection and grounding. Home decor crystals infuse your space with positive vibrations and amplify your intentions.

This is your opportunity to elevate your living space with the transformative power of crystals, available in various slice forms, crystals on stands, freeform pieces, and bookends.

Explore our intentionally curated and conscientiously sourced Home Decor Collection and invite the energy of crystals into your home today!


Banded agate on a stand with clear quartz inclusions
Sold Out
Agate Obelisks on their side, in natural sunlight
4 in stock
Agate Obelisk
From $64.00 USD
Three Clear Quartz Cluster home decor pieces
Clear Quartz Crystal Points on a stand
2 in stock
Natural agate with clear quartz inclusions, on a stand for crystal home decor pieces
1 in stock
Banded Natural Brazilian Agate on a stand
Sold Out
Brazilian agate slice on a stand, featuring banded agate and clear quartz inclusions
1 in stock
Agate on a Stand
$180.00 USD
Stunning agate on a stand, with banded agate edges, perfect crystal for home decor
1 in stock
Agate Nigh Light grouping of 5, home decor crystals
Banded Purple Agate with Clear Quartz Crystal and Druzy center, from Brazil
1 in stock