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Crystal Jewelry

Elevate Your Style, Energize Your Spirit with Crystal Jewelry!

Crystal jewelry is not only an expression of one's own style, it's also an energetic fusion of your intentions with the crystal. 

 Discover the transformative power of crystal energy with our stunning selection of crystal necklaces, pendants, earrings, and rings. Whether raw or polished, wire-wrapped or on cords, each piece is uniquely crafted to enhance your fashion statement while providing energetic benefits.

Explore our diverse range of formations and find the perfect piece to complement your unique style and energy.


Brazilian Agate Necklaces
Raw Pink Tourmaline Crystal Dangle Earrings from Brazil
3 in stock
Raw Citrine dangle earrings from Brazil on a stand
2 in stock
assortment of 6mm custom made crystal bracelets, handmade for intentional energetic vibrations
Framed Agate Geode Slice Pendants
3 in stock
Rhodonite Heart Crystal Pendant
2 in stock
Labradorite Heart Crystal Pendant
2 in stock
Tigers Eye Pendant on silver plated necklace, Brazilian Crystal
3 in stock
Selenite Barrel shaped pendants hanging on silver plated chain
Brazilian Smoky Quartz Pendant Crystal Jewelry
3 in stock
Brazilian Tigers Eye Dangle Earrings
3 in stock
Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant with silver capped bail
1 in stock
3 in stock
Natural Agate Dangle Crystal Earrings from Brazil
Agate Earrings
$22.00 USD
Black Obsidian Crystal Earrings on a stand
3 in stock
Clear Quartz crystal earring points on a stand
10mm custom crystal bracelets with assortment of all natural crystals, handmade crystal jewelry
custom 8mm crystal bracelets and assorted selection of all natural crystals handmade