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Amplify Your Manifestation with Crystals that Attract Your Desires!

When you are seeking a lot of growth and new opportunities quickly, you may feel excited, optimistic, empowered, restless, driven, cautious or even peace-filled.  Subconsciously you may be drawn to green crystals, blue crystals, gold crystals, black crystals, and yellow crystals.

Check out our intentionally curated collection of manifest centered crystals today!


Raw Citrine dangle earrings from Brazil on a stand
2 in stock
assortment of 6mm custom made crystal bracelets, handmade for intentional energetic vibrations
1 in stock
Natural Citrine Points Cluster from Madagascar.
3 in stock
Natural Citrine Point
From $20.00 USD
Sold Out
Smoky Quartz Crystal Point from Brazil
3 in stock
Malachite Obelisk Crystal from the DR of Congo
1 in stock
Labradorite Heart Crystal Pendant
2 in stock
Tigers Eye Pendant on silver plated necklace, Brazilian Crystal
3 in stock
Selenite Barrel shaped pendants hanging on silver plated chain
Brazilian Smoky Quartz Pendant Crystal Jewelry
3 in stock
Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Point, next to a quarter for scale
4 in stock
Three Clear Quartz Cluster home decor pieces
Clear Quartz Crystal Points on a stand
2 in stock
Sold Out
Smoky Quartz Crystal Carving from Brazil, skull carving side profile view
Sold Out
Malachite Pyramid Close Up
3 in stock
Polished Selenite Sphere on a stand
Polished Spiral Selenite Wand
2 in stock
selenite massage wand
2 in stock
Raw Selenite Wands from Morocco
Selenite Heart Carving Crystal for clearing and recharging all other crystals
Clear Quartz crystal earring points on a stand
Woke AF Candle
$28.00 USD
10mm custom crystal bracelets with assortment of all natural crystals, handmade crystal jewelry
custom 8mm crystal bracelets and assorted selection of all natural crystals handmade
Selenite polished cube from Morocco, used to clear and recharge crystal energy