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Nashville's 1st
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Curiosity Meets Elegance

Crystal Home Decor pieces with meaning and symbolism

Are You New To Crystals?

We hold space for wherever you are on your crystal journey. We know you're a Badass 'cuz your curiosity has brought you here!

Seriously one of the dopest crystal shops I've had the pleasure of experiencing......The inventory is always switching up so there is always great options!
Ever meet someone and think, "They are my kind of people!"? That's how it feels stepping into the Crystals and Clarity booth.
If you ever need anything or just have questions, Crystals and Clarity is definitely the place to get what you are looking for.

Crystal Clarity Cards

With each crystal purchase, you will receive a Crystal Clarity card with information about your crystal and a How to Clear & Recharge Your Crystals card.

We are proud to share that our cards are part of an environmental sustainability initiative.

Who is Crystals & Clarity?

We're two best friends (Kate & Ashley), with a love for all things crystals, energy, curiosity and growth!

We are here to empower you on your journey! We want your crystal experience, with us, to be exciting, enlightening and create a meaningful connection!

Welcome to a more personal crystal buying experience!