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Welcome to Crystals & Clarity™️ Online

Welcome to Crystals & Clarity™️ Online

WE BUILT A Crystals & Clarity WEBSITE Y’ALL!!!!!!!!

We are excited to formally introduce ourselves to y'all, on our OFFICIAL, one of a kind, unique buying experience, WEBSITE!

We are Kate & Ashley, the co-founders of Crystals & Clarity, Nashville's first, mobile pop-up crystal shop! 

For the last two years we have offered intentionally curated crystal experiences at Nashville area pop-ups, farmers markets, street fairs, private crystal parties and festivals. To learn more about our journey, check out our story here!

But here we are now….. OFFICIALLY Online…….and ready to bring a different crystal buying experience to you in the comfort of your home. 

We feel so grateful to have met so many of you at our pop-ups, as well as for the connections we’ve made with you on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

We’ve heard your requests loud and clear for this website. Now you can buy gifts for your friends and family and have them shipped for you!


WE BUILT A Crystals & Clarity WEBSITE Y’ALL!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your patience and support in this endeavor!! We hope that you are just as excited as we are, to experience the Crystals & Clarity website

We've intentionally created a website that offers you a unique shopping experience for purchasing crystals online. We designed our website to support you in multiple ways to find the crystals that are also seeking you! 

Providing an educational and empowering space for you on your personal journey are at the core of why we created Crystals & Clarity. No matter what stage you are within your crystal journey, we want you to have the tools that support your growth! 

So let’s talk about what your shopping experience will look like with us!

Online Shopping with Crystals & Clarity: 

First (and our personal favorite) is that you can now intuitively shop based on the intention you are experiencing or desire to experience. This style of shopping has been at the core of our Nashville pop-up events and crystal experiences.

So how does it work?

At the top section of our Home Page we offer you the opportunity to Intuitively Shop based on 10 energetic intentions.

We encourage you to reconnect with your intuition and let it guide you to the crystal that's right for you.

Once you click on the energetic intention, it will take you to a collection of crystals that are energetically aligned with this intention. 

Secondly, if you desire for a more direct but still intuitive shopping experience you can search at the magnify glass in the top right corner (see picture below) with keywords like a specific chakra, a desired zodiac sign, shape (heart, sword, carving, etc.), or type of crystal (sodalite, amethyst, etc.).

Lastly, you can also choose the classic shopping style by clicking on the SHOP tab and see all of our available crystal products.

You can also hover over SHOP with your cursor or tap the arrow from your phone, and choose from our list of crystal categories  (ex: carving, sphere, home decor).

Within each of the crystal categories in the drop down, you can see the many crystal variations available. 

Whether it's bringing humor and a little sass, or providing educational information about a particular crystal, our intention is to create a memorable online crystal buying experience for you. 

It’s been our honor to be a safe space for crystal curiosity at our Nashville pop-up events and our intention is that you have this experience here, online, too!

Crystal Clarity Card™:

Just like our in-person Nashville pop-up events, with every stone you purchase through Crystals & Clarity, we include a custom written Crystal Clarity Card™ about the particular crystal you’ve purchased. 

Also, we always include a How to Clear & Recharge Your Crystals card with each order so you know how to energetically care for your crystals. 

Fun fact! We will not start selling a particular crystal until we have created a custom Crystal Clarity Card™ for it

You can thank Kate for the magical words and clarity she brings to each card that will support you on your personal journey with crystals. 

Socially Conscious Purchasing: 

In an effort to be a socially conscious and intentionally impactful crystal small business, we have chosen our first product that will allow us to create a supportive initiative together!  

It is our intention to use a portion of sales collected to support local, Nashville non-profit organizations. 

With our first product, this also provides an opportunity to preserving the cultural significance of this product.   

So what is the product, you ask? Great question! 

The first product to be a part of this intentional impact initiative is our BLUE SAGE! We will use $1.00 from every Blue Sage sale to support the Nashville non-profit, Native American Indian Association of Tennessee. For more information about NAIA, please visit their website naiatn.org

Out of respect to Indigenous people and their culture, we made the intentional choice to NOT carry WHITE SAGE, which has become a mainstream staple in most crystal shops.

We will share more about this personal decision in future blogs and social media posts, but until then, we suggest reading the article, The Ethics Of Burning Sage, by Nylah Burton and Jay Polish to learn more. 

We want to use this opportunity to educate, offer financial support and say THANK YOU for all that the Native American Indian Association of Tennessee provides to the Nashville and Tennessee community. 

AND we’ll preemptively say, THANK YOU to you too, as we are excited to have your support with this impactful gesture. 

The Plan for Crystals & Clarity Website: 

We want to continue to grow, so let’s talk about how we plan to do that!

We are working to expand our selection of crystals available online. We currently have over 120 different variations of crystals and within them we have 100s of pieces of crystal inventory waiting to make their online appearance!

We are working to accomplish this in phases. In phase1 of our Crystals & Clarity website launch, we will bringing 139 different crystal products to you. This will grow over the next week or so. 

Next, in phase two, we will include more of our crystal carvings and crystal jewelry, as well as a selection of freeform crystals.

Then we may take a deep breath for a day or two, but we will keep growing it from there!

That's why you need to sign up for our email list so you can be in the loop when a new crystal drops online!

What About Pop-Ups? 

We plan to continue with our pop-up markets, street fairs, music festivals, and private parties, but some of the crystal products and handmade crystals items we sell in person may not be available online.

We now have an EVENTS Page, where you can find out our schedule and where we'll be popping up, each week. 

We recommend checking our Instagram (@Crystal.and.Clarity) Highlight and Stories for the most up-to-date announcements on the day of events.

We are working on adding resources to expand your crystal knowledge and support your growth. Have a question about a crystal? DM us! Send us a message through our contact page. Or Email us!

Final Tips for Getting the Crystal You Want!!!

If we sell out of a product you want,  you can click the NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE button just below the price and name of the product. Enter you email and when it’s back in stock, you'll automatically be notified. 

If you have something in mind that you aren’t seeing, it may be something we already have and it’s just not live on our website yet. Don’t hesitate to email us crystalsandclarity.nashville@gmail.com or send a message through our contact us page!

We are so excited to welcome you to this crystal community and grow together!

-Kate & Ashley


Be a Badass, NOT a dumbass!

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