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Crystal Towers & Obelisks

Unveil the Enchantment & Symbolism of Crystal Towers and Obelisks!

Symbolizing power, enlightenment, rebirth, and spiritual growth, Towers & Obelisks serve as potent conduits of energy and intention. The form of both allows for the focused channeling of energy, making them ideal for meditation, manifestation, and your spiritual practices.

Whether adorning your space for aesthetic allure or incorporating them into your crystal collection for their energetic benefits, these crystals are sure to elevate the ambiance and energy of any space.

Explore our collection of towers and obelisks and invite the transformative energy of these exquisite crystals into your life!


Malachite Obelisk Crystal from the DR of Congo
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Agate Obelisks on their side, in natural sunlight
4 in stock
Agate Obelisk
From $64.00 USD
Brazilian Rhodonite Tower Crystals