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Harmonize Your Energy with Crystals to Bring Balance into Your Life!

When you seek to stabilize yourself, you might feel emotional, tense, overwhelmed, mentally fatigued, disconnected, isolated, and creatively blocked. Intuitively, you may be drawn to pink crystals, brown crystals, blue crystals, and gold crystals. 

Shop our intentionally curated collection of crystals supporting energetic balance, today!


Banded agate on a stand with clear quartz inclusions
Sold Out
Framed Agate Geode Slice Pendants
3 in stock
Selenite Barrel shaped pendants hanging on silver plated chain
Agate Obelisks on their side, in natural sunlight
4 in stock
Agate Obelisk
From $64.00 USD
Tree Agate Crystal Point with rough and polished edges
2 in stock
Selenite Sword Carving from Morocco
1 in stock
Three Clear Quartz Cluster home decor pieces
Chakra Crystal pyramid carving in natural sunlight
Chakra Pyramid
$48.00 USD
Clear Quartz Crystal Points on a stand
2 in stock
Natural agate with clear quartz inclusions, on a stand for crystal home decor pieces
1 in stock
Banded Natural Brazilian Agate on a stand
Sold Out
chakra sphere
4 in stock
Chakra Sphere
$48.00 USD
Polished Selenite Sphere on a stand
chakra carving crystal skull with 7 different crystal variations combined
2 in stock
Clear Quartz crystal earring points on a stand
Polished Spiral Selenite Wand
2 in stock
selenite massage wand
2 in stock
Raw Selenite Wands from Morocco
Selenite Heart Carving Crystal for clearing and recharging all other crystals
Blue Sage for clearing, cleansing and purifying energy of a space, individual and animals
Blue Sage
$7.00 USD
Brazilian agate slice on a stand, featuring banded agate and clear quartz inclusions
1 in stock
Agate on a Stand
$180.00 USD
Stunning agate on a stand, with banded agate edges, perfect crystal for home decor
1 in stock
Banded Purple Agate with Clear Quartz Crystal and Druzy center, from Brazil
1 in stock
Agate Nigh Light grouping of 5, home decor crystals
Selenite Crystal Dagger Carving for cord cutting ceremony
Selenite polished cube from Morocco, used to clear and recharge crystal energy