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Kate, with her custom handmade crystal bracelets

Kate’s Journey to Crystals & Clarity™️

Learn More About Kate, Co-Founder of Crystals & Clarity!

I have always been called "Sensitive,” so it makes sense to me that I would be able to feel energies from crystals.

I wasn’t always able to identify what I was feeling, but I have spent more time with myself in quiet places and practiced listening and feeling into more things. 

My Mom liked digging for crystals and in her retirement she and my Dad traveled the US and she was able to go to a couple of really cool dig sites.

Clear Quartz

I remember her really liking the Clear Quartz crystal dig site in Arkansas and she found some amazing stones there!

Clear Quartz is a powerful healer and amplifier.

I have always felt safe and secure with Clear Quartz crystals around my home. I put points in my plants and they grow really fast. I think the plants like it too.

What I've learned over the years is that its easy to get caught up in whatever else the world is asking of me, but having crystals in my life helps me to regulate the intentions I want to have in this world, by starting with my home. 

We actually carry some really cool clear quartz pieces, like our clear quartz crystal clusters on a stand, perfect for amplifying in any space. 

Crystal Shops

I remember going to a crystal shop one time in Asheville, NC and at first felt overwhelmed by the energy in there.

I think that was the first time I focused my energy intentionally to feel less and simply observe the stones.

When I was at that shop I discovered a couple of new things about buying crystals:

  • Did you know that if you are thinking about someone else, you can attract a crystal that fits their vibe and needs? I was thinking about my children and picking out gifts for them. It was so simple and energetically it was divine inspiration.

  • When we left that shop, my friend had picked out a black obsidian bracelet for me as a gift. It was exactly what I needed. I wore that bracelet for years and noticed a serious difference in how I felt in my body regularly.

Crystal Bracelets

This was the beginning of my journey toward crystal bracelets and natural stones that I lovingly refer to as crystals because they are filled with magic, energy and make me feel like a better version of myself. 

It took about a year after that black obsidian bracelet for my awareness to grow and learn first hand, how helpful my crystal jewelry could be.

I now have a pile of bracelets between my two wrists!

When I'm getting dressed I can feel where my energy needs specific support.

For example, on a day when I need more healing and grace, I may put one of my amethyst bracelets on my right wrist (masculine energy).

For my left wrist, I often choose crystal bracelets that bring in balance, joy, and reminder to use my voice.

Whatever I feel I need more of, I put the crystal bracelet further up my arm, closer to me.

Over time I've learned to listen more to my body and my intuition. I have to ask questions like: Is this going to help me? or Is this helpful to my body?

I've learned over the years that after I put on my crystal bracelets, I sometimes have to rearrange the order until the energetic combination feels best!

I now have so many crystals in my home, in my jewelry box, and in my car too!

I can feel them supporting my intentions in the world and reminding me to look for the magic and beauty in the simple places. 

What started out as intentional uses for myself, has now become one of my favorite products we offer, Custom Crystal Bracelets!

10mm custom crystal bracelets with assortment of all natural crystals, handmade crystal jewelry


Launching Crystals & Clarity

When Ashley and I talked about why we might want to bring Crystals and Clarity to life in the Nashville area, my reasons included, providing a space that is not overwhelming energetically, adding an educational component about each stone and sharing the power of change with those who are drawn to ask some deep questions. 

I love hearing about where you are and what you want to be feeling.

crystals & clarity pop-up, Nashville crystal shop, booth.

Sometimes people say they are experiencing anxiety, but when we ask more questions we get clarity on the issue.

There was a really talented musician who came into our booth once, saying he was anxious.

I asked him when he feels this way most. He said right before he got on stage.

So, we ended up helping him find a Black Tourmaline pendant, known to bring confidence and absorb negativity. 

This was such a memorable experience!

Custom Crystal Bracelets

Early into launching Crystals & Clarity, I started making crystal bracelets to offer a variety in sizes so all of our customers could enjoy crystal bracelets!

Now, I make custom crystal bracelets, specific for you! I make each crystal bracelet by hand and with specific intentions in mind.

Before I get started, I make sure that I am at peace and desire to bring three key elements to that bracelet’s future owner: Love, Empowerment and Excellence.

You will feel loved, you will be empowered toward your desires and excellence creates abundance.

Some of the stones I use are very strong so I add spacer beads to lessen the effects for people who are more sensitive.

6mm K2 bracelet with smoky quartz crystals, handmade for intentional energetic vibrations

Did you know that you will gravitate to the stones you need and know what degree of energy you need as well? Meaning the size of the stone you use or wear may fluctuate based on your sensitivity!

Making custom bracelets is one of my favorite things to do and I love learning about new combinations of stones and how they can complement each other! 

We have some really amazing customers, one in particular, asks for custom bracelets and requests different stones based on his research.

I love making his vision come to life, and if you want one just for you- with specific stones, I would love to make them for you too! 

Fun Fact

If you're looking for different crystals, one of the crystals or line of crystal products we carry are our crystal carvings.

Oh My Goddess, we have some COOL carvings! I know, I am nerding out with crystal daggers but I can’t help but imagine they were once owned by a princess and used the Selenite Dagger to protect herself from a night goblin. (Duh!) 

Selenite crystal dagger carvings from Morocco

Check out our collection of crystal carvings to see the wide variety and growing selection we have!

Final Thoughts!

Kate at a nashville pop-up market for Crystals & Clarity


The idea that we can help our customers find Crystals AND Clarity is a beautiful offering that matches our intentions on this journey.

I invite you to bring your questions and curiosities to us, at a Pop-Up Event or online with our intuitive shopping experience! 

I would also love to know, what are your favorite crystals? Feel free to leave a comment below, because I want to research them! 



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