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About Us


Ashley and Kate, founders of Crystals and Clarity

Our Story!

We are Kate & Ashley! Welcome to Crystals & Clarity.

We are honored that you made it here and are happy to share a little “behind the scenes” of who we are, why we do this and what we are trying to create for you!

We (Kate & Ashley) were friends first, but over the years had worked together in other small businesses and successfully contributed to their growths. We knew it was only a matter of time before we’d launch a company together. But what it would be was always the question!

Our mutual passion for learning and growing with an increase in conversations about crystals simplified the “what would it be” question. We began to discuss what we needed in our crystal experience that we weren’t finding in the Nashville area.  

By September of 2021, we knew we wanted to be Nashville’s First Mobile Crystal Shop!


For nearly 7 months we dug deep into the education and history of crystals, their symbolism and meaning globally, what worked and didn’t work for us while shopping at other shops, purchasing samples from suppliers across the nation, and testing candle-making with crystals.

We quickly realized we were operating from a space of being completely intentional in what we were creating, the crystals we were selecting, and who we were working with. It hasn’t made for the fastest processes, but it has enabled us to create an authentic space for crystal lovers and crystal curious individuals alike.

We knew early on that we wanted to be mobile because we believe it's important to meet people where they are, both literally and figuratively speaking. This meant we had to start Crystals & Clarity™ as a pop-up crystal shop! Whether it’s at festivals, local markets, pop-ups up collaborations with other small businesses or hosting a crystal party in your residence or office, we mobilize to meet you where you are.

This crystal industry can be both intimidating and overwhelming when you are new to crystals and we want to help change that. We created custom Crystal Clarity Cards™ that are included with every crystal purchased. Now when you get home with one of our crystals, you have the information to further your curiosity and growth! This differentiator was extremely important because we want to bring greater clarity to you journey and support your own empowerment. We are also proud to share that our cards are part of an environmental sustainability initiative, are available electronically, use recycled, recyclable products and non-toxic soy & vegetable inks.  

Education and growth are important in all facets of life. Bringing this mindset into Crystals & Clarity, we are committed to transparency and communicating about our suppliers and products. When we sell a heat-treated, dyed or a man-made stone, we clearly note it in the description section (ex: Opalite, Blue Goldstone, Titanium Rainbow Quartz, Aura Coating, etc.). To cut down on waste, we reuse all packaging when applicable and source recycled and recyclable materials for our packaging. Additionally, in adherence with our personal principles and commitment to avoiding cultural appropriation, there are certain products that we will not carry or source, including White Sage, Mugwort Sage, Palo Santo, and Lapis Lazuli. See our BLOGS for more detailed information for the WHY behind these decisions.

We officially launched in Nashville, TN as a mobile, pop-up crystal shop in April of 2022. We have grown from 1-2 pop-ups per month, to being booked every weekend for a pop-up in the Middle Tennessee area.

So here we are! 

We offer a wide variety of intentionally curated crystals online, in addition to the pop-up events and private parties in the Nashville area!

Whether its online or in-person, we want to provide a safe space to be who you are, ask your questions and explore with curiosity.  All are welcome! Whatever stage you're at in your crystal journey, our goal is to help you find something that empowers you and brings greater clarity into your life!

We are excited to grow with you all and hope you will join us for the ride!

-Kate & Ashley