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12oz Square Candle

Buckle Up Buttercup Candle

Light Your Path with New Opportunities from this Crystal Infused Candle!

Buckle Up Buttercup Candle is a dynamic combination of heart-opening energy and a release of stored emotions, creating a sense of peace and tranquility, with a little Southern Charm!

This candle smells like a subtle aura of confidence and a warm wave of creativity.  Buckle Up Buttercup Candle is the candle to energetically fill you with empowerment and alignment with your heart's desires. 

Buckle Up Buttercup Candle is intentionally paired and conscientiously sourced with Brazilian Green Aventurine to bring in divine harmony and creativity.

With each candle, we include:

  • Crystal Clarity Card™ for the crystal
  • How to Clear & Recharge Your Crystals Card
  • Candle Care Instructions Card

Whether for yourself or as a gift, Buckle Up Buttercup Candle is a wonderful addition to any home.

Product Information:

  • Wax: Soy, Beeswax and Coconut
  • Size: 12 oz square
  • Crystals: Green Aventurine
  • Crystal Texture: Raw or Polished 
  • Scent: Phthalate & Nitro Musk Free
    Additional Information
    • Crystals are subject to variations in size, form, shape, color and texture.
    • Our crystals are from all around the world and noted if heat-treated, man-made, dyed and/or include an Aura or Titanium Coating.
    • Crystals are intended to enhance & empower YOU, not to replace medical or mental health advice and/or treatment.
    • All crystal healing uses and metaphysical symbolism are provided for educational purposes, and do not imply a guarantee of efficacy.

    *Be a BADASS, NOT a Dumbass (BABNAD)*

    Shipping & Returns
    • All sales are FINAL and cannot be exchanged, returned or refunded.
    • All products ship within 2-4 business days of your order being placed.
    • Custom Crystal Jewelry ship within 7 business days and will ship with all items in your order.
    Care Instructions

    We recommend:

    • Clearing and recharging your crystals with Selenite or outside under the Full Moon's energy to support the energy of your crystals.
    • For Custom Crystal Bracelets to last the longest period of time, do NOT wear during sports or major physical activity, when you sleep or in the shower/bath.
    • For Candles with crystals-NEVER leave the candle unattended, within reach of children and pets, or on uneven surfaces. Do not remove the crystal/s while the candle flame is burning and/or wax is hot.