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Crystals for Beginners

Crystals Offer a Wealth of Benefits for Beginners and Seasoned Practitioners!

Whether you're drawn to their beauty, intrigued by their healing properties, or seeking spiritual guidance, crystals can serve as powerful allies on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

By exploring the unique qualities of each crystal and incorporating them into your daily life, you can tap into their transformative energy and unlock the mysteries of the universe.

For those who are starting to wonder what the crystal hype is all about, or maybe you are drawn to crystals more than ever before, enjoy shopping our selection of “Crystal Curious” crystals today!


Brazilian Agate Necklaces
Raw Citrine dangle earrings from Brazil on a stand
2 in stock
assortment of 6mm custom made crystal bracelets, handmade for intentional energetic vibrations
Polished Spiral Selenite Wand
2 in stock
selenite massage wand
2 in stock
Raw Selenite Wands from Morocco
Framed Agate Geode Slice Pendants
3 in stock
Natural Citrine Points Cluster from Madagascar.
3 in stock
Natural Citrine Point
From $20.00 USD
Selenite Barrel shaped pendants hanging on silver plated chain
Brazilian Tigers Eye Dangle Earrings
3 in stock
Brazilian Amethyst crystal egg carvings
3 in stock
Amethyst Egg Carving
From $18.00 USD
Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant with silver capped bail
1 in stock
3 in stock
Agate Obelisks on their side, in natural sunlight
4 in stock
Agate Obelisk
From $64.00 USD
Selenite Sword Carving from Morocco
1 in stock
Three Clear Quartz Cluster home decor pieces
Clear Quartz Crystal Points on a stand
2 in stock
Black Obsidian Point Volcanic Glass
4 in stock
Large Bahia Amethyst Point
4 in stock
video of two amethyst cluster spheres rotating
2 in stock
Amethyst heart carving from Brazil
3 in stock
Polished Selenite Sphere on a stand
Natural Agate Dangle Crystal Earrings from Brazil
Agate Earrings
$22.00 USD
Clear Quartz crystal earring points on a stand
Black Obsidian Crystal Earrings on a stand
3 in stock
1 in stock
Agate Nigh Light grouping of 5, home decor crystals
Selenite Heart Carving Crystal for clearing and recharging all other crystals
Blue Sage for clearing, cleansing and purifying energy of a space, individual and animals
Blue Sage
$7.00 USD
Selenite Crystal Dagger Carving for cord cutting ceremony
10mm custom crystal bracelets with assortment of all natural crystals, handmade crystal jewelry
custom 8mm crystal bracelets and assorted selection of all natural crystals handmade
Selenite polished cube from Morocco, used to clear and recharge crystal energy