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Crystals on Stands

Elevate Your Space with our stunning collection of Crystals on Stands! 

Our Crystals on Stands Collection features an exquisite selection of natural banded Brazilian Agate, Agate Geodes, Agate with Quartz combinations, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz pieces.

These crystals elevate your space to new heights with positivity and harmony, while energetically offering healing and inspiring vibrations.

Shop today for yourself or to give a one-of-a-kind gift!


Banded agate on a stand with clear quartz inclusions
Sold Out
Three Clear Quartz Cluster home decor pieces
Clear Quartz Crystal Points on a stand
2 in stock
Natural agate with clear quartz inclusions, on a stand for crystal home decor pieces
1 in stock
Banded Purple Agate with Clear Quartz Crystal and Druzy center, from Brazil
1 in stock
Brazilian agate slice on a stand, featuring banded agate and clear quartz inclusions
1 in stock
Agate on a Stand
$180.00 USD
Stunning agate on a stand, with banded agate edges, perfect crystal for home decor
1 in stock
Banded Natural Brazilian Agate on a stand
Sold Out